Maximizing Profitability: The Importance of Credit Card Processing for Cosmetic Surgery Practices


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cosmetic surgery industry in the U.S. generated over $11.8 billion in billable revenue in 2022, with an average cost of $6310 per procedure. With most cosmetic procedures being costly and typically not covered by insurance, patients often turn to credit cards as a means of payment. To effectively manage patient payments and maximize profitability, it is crucial for cosmetic surgery practices to have a reliable payment processing partner, such as BC Solutions.

The Benefits of Credit Card Processing
Cosmetic surgery practices should find credit card processing indispensable, given the frequent need for patients to cover the costs of their procedures, whether in full or in part. Credit cards offer patients a manageable payment option with favorable terms, including the ability to roll the balance into a continued low-interest arrangement. By accepting credit card payments, practices can ensure a seamless payment experience for patients and increase the likelihood of timely payments.

Introducing BC Solutions
BC Solutions is the ideal payment processing partner for cosmetic surgery practices. With a deep understanding of the medical profession and a commitment to providing the best and most responsive customer service, BC Solutions offers a range of options to meet the unique needs of each practice. One notable option is the cash discount program, which allows practices to avoid credit card processing fees while still accepting card and cash payments. BC Solutions can help set up a cash discount program that is 100% compliant, ensuring practices can maximize their profits without sacrificing convenience for patients.

In the competitive landscape of cosmetic surgery practices, effective payment processing is essential for maximizing profitability. By partnering with BC Solutions, practices can streamline their payment processes, provide a seamless experience for patients, and avoid unnecessary fees. With BC Solutions as their payment processing partner, cosmetic surgery practices can focus on delivering exceptional care while enjoying the financial benefits of efficient payment management.